A “Giving Tree” Has A Home in Grants Pass

December 21, 2011


Shel Silverstein’s famous children’s story, The Giving Tree, relates the tale about the relationship between a tree and a young boy. Everything the young boy asks for, the tree provides, including apples and shade. Finally, giving the ultimate sacrifice, the tree provides the wood for the boy to build a sailing boat. In the latter stages of the boy’s life, the tree, now a stump, becomes a place for the old man to sit.

Similarly, the Christmas tree in the Grants Pass, Oregon Circle K provides the young children of the area with gifts each Christmas.

The children put their name and address on a snowflake “ornament” and hang it on the tree.

Unknowingly, the children have “signed up” to receive a gift - purchased and delivered to their homes by the Circle K store employees.

Mark and Lane Colvin, owners of Colvin Oil and the Grants Pass Circle K Franchisees, are behind the efforts of the “giving tree.” Their commitment to their community continues the year through, and is highlighted by this act of generosity every December.